The Medical Benefits of IVIvision Sunglasses

Finding the right pair of sunglasses to fit your personal style is often an important part of making your summer outfit picture perfect. But sunglasses are far more than a pretty accessory – they are an important part of protecting your eyesight. Something you should always repeat in your mind when you’re tempted by a cute pair of cheap lenses – you only get one set of eyes. We can replace kidneys, livers, even hearts! Eyes though are still irreplaceable, even with modern medicine. To protect your eyes, you should always wear sunglasses with high-quality lenses, as they offer more complete protection from harmful UV rays. There’s a reason the FDA classifies sunglasses as a medical device!

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a familiar concept to many, and the damage it can cause to your skin is well known. Much lesser known, however, is the damage that UV radiation can do to your eyes. Too much UV radiation can give your eyes a kind of “sunburn of the eye” and increases your risk for serious eyesight problems. IVI Vision constantly monitors studies that say high-quality sunglasses significantly reduce the number of UV rays entering your eyes...reducing your risk of long-term damage. At IVI Vision, our lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection with precise clarity. Furthermore, since they protect the sensitive skin around the eyes from receiving too much direct UV radiation, wearing sunglasses also helps to reduce wrinkles. Studies continue to show that cheap shades block light causing eyes to dilate. If the lenses don’t also protect from the UV spectrum, then more of the harmful light gets in. Learn more about our process here.

UV radiation isn’t the only risk that quality IVI Vision sunglasses can help you reduce. Everyday reflective surfaces, such as snow, water, road surfaces and car windshields, reflect a great deal of light and can do significant damage to your eyes with extended exposure. Good sunglasses can do a great deal to protect your eyes against this glare. With IVI's Lens Simulator you can really see what this glare can do to your eyes. Superior sunglasses like those sold at IVIvision.com can help prevent potentially life-threatening situations by reducing the chances that bright glare may momentarily blind you while driving or biking.

Quality sunglasses are also very important in reducing muscle fatigue. The pupil of your eye controls the amount of light that is allowed to enter and a lot of times it is unable to compensate for large amounts of light, causing you to squint. This may cause headaches, fatigue, and major eyestrain. All of which can easily be avoided with a pair of IVI vision sunglasses.

If you think you’re totally covered in the protection department, you should keep in mind that sunglasses with UV protection will eventually lose their ability to filter out harmful rays. According to recent findings, you may need a new pair of sunglasses every two years to maintain strong UV protection for your eyes. IVIvision sunglasses are made with Zeiss lens which is the best optics made.  If it is time for you to get a new, safer pair of sunglasses, you should begin by shopping for a brand-new pair of IVI shades for your summer look.

At IVI Vision, we make sure we don’t cut any corners with the quality of our craftsmanship or protection of your eyes. Every single IVI sunglass lens is carefully inspected and approved by CARL ZEISS technicians in Italy. IVIvision uses only the highest quality materials and attention to detail to ensure that we are always a cut above the rest. IVI unique manufacturing process which is the perfect blend of artistry and industry includes an overwhelming effort put forth by literally hundreds of experts to create your perfect pair of premium eye care. It’s easy to see why IVI’s quality is worth the price. Make the right decision to protect your vision in the best and most stylish way possible.


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