Written by Alison Moriarty | April 4, 2019

IVI owner Patrick Moriarty had the pleasure to be interviewed by VoyageLA on his luxurious eyewear brand. During the interview, Patrick gave the back story of how IVI Vision came to be and where it is today. The VoyageLA is a blog dedicated to telling stories of successful underground entrepreneurs, media influencers, and bloggers in the LA area. Their goal is to share stories that are authentic and true to life because they believe it is important to speak upon the hardworking people who make up the LA community. Quoted directly from the VoyageLA’s website, the blog thinks “ independent entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other risk takers make our cities exciting to live in.”

The interview gave a brief background of IVI Vision as a premium independent eyewear brand that is designed in California and handcrafted in Italy. The business separates itself from its competitors because IVI uses premium materials such as Italian acetates from Mazzucchelli 1849, aerospace grade aluminum and industry defining lenses from Carl Zeiss.

IVI Vision wasn’t always a lifestyle fashion eyewear company. In fact, IVI Vision began as a sports-centric brand. Patrick Moriarty spoke about this upon his behalf quoting he “felt the styles he created were much better suited to a boutique market…….but to accomplish that, it meant turning the ship in a different direction.”

To start this new direction for the business, IVI came out with their newest frames, Merc. The name itself was inspired by the Mercury space program. Moriarty went on to describe Merc’s design as a 58mm aviator with “custom, spring loaded, temple arm that looks like a rocket”.

Although, frames were not their only secret weapon. Patrick mentions his wife, Alison who is their best sale representative and goes on to mention, “she is very relatable, and she is passionate about our brand.” The best family businesses are the ones that support each other, and IVI Vision has all the support they could ask for!

IVI Vision would like to thank VoyageLA for telling our story, and for recognizing all of the hard work put into this brand.  If you want to read the full article on VoyageLA, click here!


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