Witten by Alison Moriarty | April 12, 2019

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we want to help show appreciation to your loved ones!

When we think of gifts to give on Valentine’s day we usually gravitate to gifts such as flowers, chocolates, or plush animals holding hearts that say “I love you!”. This Valentine’s Day we want to be creative with our gifts and personalize it just for them to use in their everyday lives.

Here are a few gift ideas for both him and her!

Gifts for Him

(1) A Record Player
If your significant other is a big music lover then we have the gift for you! Editors from The Strategist recommends the Audio-Technica turntable and a record player is the best gift to give! The Vinyl record player consist of a minimal design that will amplify the way he listens to his music!

(2) Neck Massager

After a long day, men need some pampering too! Here is why we recommend The Zyllion Shiatsu Back Massager. The heating massager soothes aching muscles with the click of a button. This pain reliever has 4 Deep-kneading rotating Shiatsu Massage nodes that change direction every minute. His neck will thank you and so will your hands

(3) IVI Sunglasses
Saving the best for last, we highly suggest the IVI Vision’s Gravitas frames! Handcrafted in Italy, the glasses have a sleek black frame with rose gold accents along the frames (available in multiple colors).  Gravitas gives the face a more chiseled look and will match any outfit he wears.

Gifts for Her

(1) Stress Relief Body Scrub

Let’s be honest, she is a superhero and with all that juggling your loved one needs some relaxation. Which is exactly we and Allure suggest aromatherapy to release those smell good scents to help ease the mind and relax the body. The best one we highly suggest is the Bath and Body Work’s Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Sugar Scrub, this scrub will give her the relaxation she deserves!

(2)  Alkali Beauty Teasing Spray

Women love to add texture, volume, and dimension when styling their hair. To help them do these things they need a good product to keep everything intact. Alkali’s Peggy Sulahian Tease Spray will give her everyday natural, beachy waves. This product will give you a tease for what is to come to this Valentine’s Day.

(3) IVI Vision Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a fashion staple for women, and it’s a way to personalize her everyday look. A great gift for her is IVI Vision Sunglasses in the style Daggerwing. The Daggerwing has a beautifully curved edge frame with a range of multiple colors including rose gold, which will fit perfectly this Valentine’s Day.

What woman doesn’t want a little gold in their life?

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