Take IVI to the Hottest Vacation Spots

Written by Alison Moriarty | May 29, 2019

Top 3 Summer Vacations

As it starts to warm up, IVI Vision encourages you to take a pair of IVI Vision sunglasses to our favorite summer destinations. These beautiful and fun places will allow you to relax from your busy schedules and take time to enjoy your family and friends company. Our sunglasses are handcrafted and made of durable quality that will allow you to travel with. We have listed three of our favorite places that pair perfectly with our products.

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Bonnie Sunglasses, IVI Vision

The Amalfi Coast contains the most beautiful beaches in Italy and is a destination that many people desire to vacation. The pastel colored houses spill down the large cliffs till it hits the clear beaches. The architecture and vibrant colors reflect on the water, as tourist lounge in their big hats and sunglasses. You can enjoy the view of the ocean while indulging in an ice-cold Aperol Spritz or Limoncello. This luxurious Italian vacation would be perfectly paired with the IVI Rose Gold Daggerwing Sunglasses due to the Rose Gold vibrantly reflecting the pastel colored houses. The Daggerwing is chic, yet fun and perfect for any beach vacation.

2. Paris, France

Paris, France

Love is in the air as soon as you embark on your Paris adventures. Start your mornings indulging in French pastries and coffee underneath the Eiffel Tower. Dress in summer clothing and some summer accessories as you stroll through the narrow streets seeking the best authentic cuisines. Taste the best French wines and learn as much as you can from this beautiful historic city. You will get lost in this city due to all of the beauty that lies within each corner. Evening will come faster than you know it, so take the time to wander the City of Light during the warm summer evenings. The unforgettable and historical ambiance will make you not want to leave. This lovely vacation would be perfectly paired with Bonnie because its fierce cat eye is perfectly paired with its classic wayfarer design. It brings new design to a beautiful historic design, just as Paris does.

3. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Whether you’re traveling alone or with other people, you will be sure to make new friends in Dublin. These friendly and loving people will make you feel right at home, even if you are in an unfamiliar place. Dublin’s known for its warm-hearted people, music and dancing, and of course, its cold pints of Guinness. Stroll down the streets of this charming city till you find yourself in an Irish pub. If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself in a local’s pub and watch a man playing his banjo, as people chime in to sing traditional Irish songs. This place will never fail to surprise you and will leave you with a big smile after leaving this experience of a lifetime. Brooks is a fun and classic pair of sunglasses that would best fit your journey to Ireland. IVI Vision encourages you to purchase a pair of Brooks due to its versatility that works for both women and men. Brooks is a fun and inviting style that would be perfect for wandering through the streets of Ireland with new friends.