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IVI Father’s Day!

Written by Arielle Faeldan | June 10, 2019

picture of a family during Father's Day

It’s often difficult to think of quality gift ideas, especially when it comes to our loved ones like a parent or significant other. Finding the perfect gift that shows our appreciation is hard, especially when nothing ever seems to be good enough.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we have just what you need to make Father’s Day extra special this year. Don’t wait till June 16th to get a gift for Father’s Day! Although dad might insist, he doesn’t need anything, a thoughtful and quality gift will make him feel truly cherished.

When looking for the perfect gift for men, there are a few important guidelines to follow. First and foremost, it must be a quality gift that your father will actually use. There is nothing worse than your gift gathering dust in a closet. Second, an ideal gift would showcase Dad’s unique style and comfortability. A man on-the-go must have the ease of versatility whilst showcasing high-quality when it comes to the necessities. Lastly, it is important to find a gift that shows your dad you know his hobbies and interests.

IVI Vision carries a wide array of styles any dad would appreciate receiving as a Father’s Day gift. . All IVI sunglasses are fitted with premium quality lenses from Carl Zeiss made to fit the risk takers and radical dreamers. Get your dad a pair of IVI Vision’s timeless designer sunglasses. Check out our recommendations based on dad’s special personality.

IVI Vision’s Top Picks:

Sporty / Athletic Dad


premium black sunglasses
Living sunglasses

For men on the always on the move and LIVING on the edge. Knock it out of the park with these men sunglasses, made to suit an active lifestyle while having the unique frame and function that will never go out of style.

Down to Business


Custer sunglasses
Custer sunglasses

No time to fuss around with these men’s eyewear. Channel your inner James Bond with this sleek and powerful frame built to provide unmatched sophistication and high-quality function. This navigator style frame is for those who want to lead and set the standards for others to follow.

Life of the Party Dad


givings sunglasses
givings sunglasses

Is your dad impossibly cool and young at heart? Some dads just get more awesome each year. While most dads abide by social norms, some lucky ones have fathers who prefer to stand out from the crowd. Keep up with dad’s style and charisma with these colorful frame and classic fit.

Hipster Dad


Brooks sunglasses
brook sunglasses

Even though your dad may not have a super hip sense of humor, he still has a hip (or hipster) sense of style. Exude confidence and sophistication with this iconic classic pair originating from old Hollywood. With a keyhole nose bridge and versatile style, BROOKS is perfect for any man on the go.

Nature Loving Dad


Lividity sunglasses
Lividity sunglasses

Built to endure and stay put even in the harshest environments. LIVIDITY provides a superb field of vision, practicality, and high-quality material all-in-one. Made for those who prefer to pave new roads and visit the unexplored. Ideal sunglasses for a day spent outdoors from hiking to paddle boarding, there is no limit to its potential. Featuring a lightweight and stress resistant frame for durability and comfort for your father figure.

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