The journey to the moon and ZEISS 50th anniversary of the moon landing

Written by Alison Moriarty | July 19, 2019

Man on the moon

IVI Vision’s sunglasses are made with some of the most sophisticated lenses. IVI Vision’s lenses are created by Carl Zeiss who was a German engineer whose company has inspired the world for 165 years and counting. On July 20, 2019 we celebrate the incredible impact that Carl Zeiss Lenses had on the first moon landing. July 20th will the mark the 50 year anniversary of the first moon landing and we can thank ZEISS camera lenses for capturing this significant moment in history. The ZEISS camera lens allowed people to see the first moon landing live around the world. ZEISS camera lenses have captured photos of the moon and still resonate throughout generation due to the high quality images. Carl Zeiss created lenses of quality and durability in order to capture significant moments in history that will stay with people forever.

look through the camera
On the moon looking at earth

ZEISS lenses have had a remarkable impact in the discovery of space and continued to be used throughout future space missions. During Apollo 8, astronauts captured the first color photograph of the earth from the moon. This was a breakthrough in history and changed world’s perspective of our planet.

camera lens

IVI Vision values the quality of Carl Ziess glass lenses, which is why we incorporate these lenses into each of our sunglasses. IVI Vision values the materials that are used when designing the best optical lenses in the industry. We seek visionaries who inspire to strive for greatness and outstanding achievement in optical engineering.

When someone buys a pair of sunglasses from IVI, they are unaware of the fact that the lenses were designed by ZEISS until a little detail is discovered. Towards the bottom of each lenses, a tiny “z” is engraved in them which symbolizes ZEISS lens. Our Zeiss lenses are polarized and uv protective that are offered in a variety of different colors. Our designer sunglasses are a perfect fit for men and women. When people learn about Carl Zeiss and his achievements, they realize they now have a pair of high-quality sunglasses that date back to one of the greatest engineers that ever lived. A pair of IVI shades will not let you down and they live up to the standards of Carl Zeiss and his significant achievements in history. Carl Zeiss’s company has continued to make products based on the founder’s vision, which makes their products so successful throughout the world.

The demand for products from ZIESS increases each year and continue to generate increased revenue and profit. IVI Vision sunglasses are among some of the most astounding products that receive widespread demand from people around the world. IVI Vision sunglasses are made out of the Carl Zeiss polarized lenses and Italian materials in order to create the perfect glasses for men and women across the world. People value the beauty and quality that IVI Vision implements in each pair of glasses. IVI Vision strives in producing innovative and durable sunglasses. ZEISS products will continue to be outstanding and brilliant due to companies that are inspired by Carl Zeiss’s vision.

For more information regarding Carl Zeiss and IVI Vision, please visit more of our website and Zeiss.

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