Think Twice About Buying Cheap Sunglasses

Written by Melvin Bishop | October 21, 2019


Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you someone who enjoys outdoor activities like walking your dog or hiking?

It’s important to consider wearing protective eyewear whenever taking part in these activities. Too much exposure from the sun can cause skin aging. Poor diet and long term exposure can even lead to diabetic retinopathy. Therefore, having appropriate eyewear can significantly reduce the dangers of sun exposure.

Health should always be the main priority, so having proper eye protection would go a long way. Whether it’s a walk on the beach or taking part in an action sport, the wellness of our eyes depends on the quality of sunglasses.

Possible Health Concerns

Sunglasses are the sunblock for the eyes. According to Healthline, the best eyewear would have high-quality lenses that protect from UVA and UVB rays. Having polarized lenses to protect from sun risks would be ideal for eye health. But buying any pair of sunglasses may not protect your eyes and can even cause vision problems. Too much exposure to UVA radiation could potentially cause cataracts and macular degeneration.

Vision is created when the optic nerve produces light signals to the retina, that the brain interprets as imagery. Eyeglasses that aren’t UV protected allow more light to enter the retina. This then causes damage to the optic nerve. So for those who are purchasing a pair of eyewear, prioritize the quality of the lenses.

Protect your Eyes from the Sun

Investing in a pair of high-quality designer sunglasses can save a trip to the eye doctor. Low-quality lenses may impact the eyes conditions, and can even lead to dreadful eye diseases.

IVI is an independent brand that takes pride in providing premium eyewear. World-renowned designer Jerome Mage salutes visionary entrepreneurs and innovators. IVI designers made a commitment to creating luxury sunglasses. Arguably one of the best sunglasses, IVI manufacturers wanted to design something new in a modern sense that has a timeless and classic appeal with great attention to detail.

Designed in California, IVI dedicates itself to becoming the highest quality manufacturers worldwide. The foundation for the IVI product line: distinctive, innovative handcrafted designs. Made from premium materials such as Italian acetates from Mazzucchelli 1849. With aerospace-grade aluminum and industry defining lenses from Carl Zeiss.

Recommendations for Sunglasses

Living sunglasses

Get busy Living! Keep the lens down for business or flip it up when life gets risky. Living is a contemporary unisex performance fashion shield design. The unique lens shape seamlessly combines with the angular frame and flips up using an IVI exclusive single hinge design. Get the function you need with the style you deserve.

Dusky sunglasses

Be the center of obsession! Dusky features a slim, playful cat-eye shape that has a subtle, but alluring polished metal trim just above the lens. Its attractive silhouette catches the eye and demands an investigation. Whenever people stare, Dusky gives them something to talk about.

Dividant sunglasses


Work hard and play harder! Whether it’s time for a meeting or a trip out of town, Dividant does it all. The flat-top shape and sleek metal temple arms make this frame attractive on everyone. Dividant is personal and premium, like all good relationships.

Blake sunglasses

Say hello to the aviator with attitude. Blake gives an iconic look with bold twists on the bridge shape and custom etching on the outer edge sets everyone apart from the rest. Are you ready for an aviator that takes the classic look to new heights?

women wearing sunglasses holing a skull wearing sunglasses

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