Holiday Party Outfits Guide

Written by Arielle Faeldan | December 16, 2019

Holiday Party Outfits

Holiday parties are in full swing! From work events to friends and family gatherings, you’re likely attending some cheerful event this season. We can’t wrap your gifts and we can’t pour you a glass of wine (although we wish we could), but we can provide help with ideas of what to wear to all the holiday events. Check out our guide to dressing (and feeling) your best from day to night.

Holiday Outfit Ideas for Day Parties

Ravishing Red

Red is never redundant, for any occasion. A cozy cropped sweater, a luxury velvet dress, or a chic motorcycle leather jacket will *instantly* make you STAND OUT from the crowd. Also… it’s very festive. Duh.

Going from one party to the next, top any outfit off with neutral sunglasses. The UV rays don’t stop, just because it’s winter! Keep those peepers protected with IVI’s FAYE sunnies to complete your red outfit. The white in contrast with the bright red will make you look sweeter than a candy cane.

Faye Sunglasses
IVI Faye

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Bombshell in Beige

To some, beige may appear boring. Too ‘vanilla’ and too neutral. To us, however, a well put together neutral outfit is anything but boring. The none-offensive shades enable you to play with multiple textures, patterns even, and mix garment types that had they been any other color, would have certainly clashed.

In order to complete any daytime look, you can’t forget your sunglasses. IVI offers a range of sophisticated styles to not only for function but undeniable style. Neutral outfits open up the possibility for riskier accessories (but don’t let us stop you otherwise). Make any outfit POP and scream effortlessly ‘cool’ with IVI’s MERC.

Merc sunglasses
IVI Merc

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Holiday Outfit Ideas for Evening Parties

Not-So-Subtle Sheer

You’re all familiar with the sheer clothing trend, right? Still, we know many women who are afraid of showing off a hint of skin. When styled properly, see-through clothing can add a fun yet tasteful mix to your holiday ensemble.

According to Harpers Bazaar, skin-bearing fabrics became a key theme during the Summer 2019 shows. Since then, transparent pieces have fast gained popularity across the catwalk into day-to-day outfits worn by many fashion-forward individuals. The trend continues strong into this holiday season with all the holiday parties – from Christmas to the New Year.

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Sparkling Siren

women in green dress
For Love and Lemon
women in dress
Free People

There’s no better time of year to wear something bedazzled in sequins than the holidays. You can’t go wrong with a sparkly outfit, whether it’s a dress, a fun jeweled top, or sequin pants. This statement look is definitely not for the wallflower, but it can’t hurt to let yourself shine every now and then. Now all you need is a cocktail in hand!

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Eye-Catching Accessories

If you’re choosing to opt-out of sequin attires or looking to be more low-key with expressing your holiday cheer, then these accessories are perfect for you. A pair of crystal drop earrings or IVI’s custom Swarovski bedazzled sunnies have that wow-factor to make any plain outfit POP. Throw these on real quick when you’re late for your next event and you’re good to go!

customized sunglasses
Customized Swarovski Bonnie Sunglasses for IVI Vision:
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Now that you’ve got some cute outfit ideas in your arsenal – go out and enjoy your holiday gatherings with confidence knowing you’re dressed not only to express but certainly impress.

May You Have A Blessed Holiday Season Filled With Love & A Prosperous New Year!

Happy Holidays