A Complete Guide to Upgrading your Lifestyle

Written by Melvin Bishop | January 6, 2020

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By Ryan Grijalva, IVI Vision

Welcome to 2020! There is no better way to kick off this decade than to upgrade your lifestyle. Here are some easy tips to help you progress your lifestyle and see your goals with clear 2020 vision:

1.) It all starts in the Morning!

For whatever goal(s) you have set for your resolution, nothing will help change your lifestyle more than simply changing the way you start your morning. According to Lifehacks.org,it is important that you wake up an hour earlier than when you normally would every morning.”

Not only does this create motivation for new activities like walking or journaling, but it also helps increase energy for the rest of the day.

2.) Try Some New Hobbies

Trying new activities is more of the obvious way for changing to live your best life. Although, picking up new hobbies may seem daunting, here is the easiest way to decide:

Simply pick the activity that interests you the most.

Likewise, when you exercise this new activity, learn to document any improvements you may have. This can not only help you learn, but it can also help avoid any feelings of discouragement as well.


3.) Provide Yourself with Rewards! You deserve it!

In simpler terms, Treat yo self! Rewarding simple accomplishments throughout your week does wonders for transitioning lifestyles. These rewards can be as straightforward as giving yourself a snack you enjoy.

Regardless, these simple actions help increase the receptors in your brain for dopamine (AKA: the Happy chemical). This, of course, helps promote a positive behavior for a better work-life balance.


4.) Connect with one new person.

I know, I know.. many of us would much rather curl up alone and watch Netflix than reach out to that new person during work. Even the thought of conversing with someone new can be appalling. But hear me out. Simply pick just one individual that you see from your regular routine that you are comfortable with.

The main reason behind this is not only to make new experiences, but it is more so to learn about yourself as an individual. You will have a clearer understanding of your skills, flaws, ideals, and all other factors of your character.

Lifestyle Changes:

These simple life hacks are meant to be completely inclusive to anyone who is looking to change things up. There is no need to stress or break the budget.

Just focus on these simple steps in making this your best life ever!

We can help get you started by providing you with a new perspective from our diverse collection of eyewear.

Envision with IVI Vision.

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