Interesting Facts To Know About Polarized Sunglasses You Probably Didn’t Know Before

Witten by Alison Moriarty | January 27, 2020

Polarized sunglasses are the preferred eyewear for those who are sensitive to light, live in snowy climates, or enjoy outdoor activities and sports. They are the perfect sunglasses for day to day activity as well as your weekend boating, your fishing trip, snowboarding down the slopes, and golfing down at the range. The special lenses on these sunglasses reduce the glare caused by light reflecting off surfaces like water, snow, or even off the car driving ahead of you, making your adventure and sports not just fun, but safe. 

Nowadays, there’s a great variety in the kind of polarized sunglasses that one can get. Eyewear brands like IVI or optometry offices are often where to look for a pair of sunglasses with anti reflective coating or polarized lenses.

Still don’t know why you need polarized sunglasses? Here are some interesting facts about polarized sunglasses…

1. Polarized sunglasses come with a special coating

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from glare with special polarized lenses that have a filter directly coated on the lenses. These special filters block the light rays reflecting off of surfaces like water and glass, which are horizontal light waves that are absorbed, while allowing only vertical directed rays to enter your eyes. This makes them the idea sunglasses for driving as they prevent drivers for being blinded by direct sunlight.

Polarized glasses reduces the strain on your eyes and protects them from unwanted intense light rays. Although this causes the image to be darker, there is no loss in color, depth, and clarity.

2. Polarized sunglasses reduce headaches

Over time, the wearer experiences fewer headaches caused by eye strain. This is because using polarized sunglasses consistently reduces the intensity of glare caused on the eyes and reduces exposure of intense light rays on the retina. 

This is great news for people who have to spend long hours in an environment where they are possibly surrounded by clear windows, those who have to drive long hours, or the boating lovers that spend hours on water. Polarized sunglasses can offer much-needed relief from headaches and eye strain caused by glare reflecting from your windows, ocean, or any other surface.

3. The difference in darkness and clarity

You might observe a slight difference in the way objects appear when you wear a pair of polarized sunglasses compared to non-polarized or untreated ones. This difference is in the darkness of the objects. Polarized lens causes objects to appear slightly darker but crisper than usual. Therefor, the color of an object might seem darker to you at first but at the same time, you might notice that details are much clearer. 

4. Polarized sunglasses are not the same as UV glasses

Many people commonly confuse polarized sunglasses with UV protected glasses. The two are simply not the same. One of the reasons why people make this mistake is because both types of glasses are darker than normal. However, this does not mean that both glasses offer similar benefits to the eyes. 

While UV-protected sunglasses are coated with a special material to screen out specific wavelengths that can damage your eyes, polarized sunglasses filter out light rays based on their angle of reflection. Being aware of this difference can help you buy the right type of shades for your eyes. 

5. Polarized sunglasses can cause some distortion

Polarized sunglasses are perfect for the outdoors, but there are issues when you try to view a screen through the polarized lenses. Some users experience slight distortion while viewing their computer or smartphone screens when wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses. This is due to the nature of the coating and the kind of rays emitted from an LCD screen. However, through regular use, the eyes become accustomed to processing these images clearly. 

6. Polarized sunglasses can be customized

The great thing about polarized sunglasses is that they can be customized with different types of lenses. Other than single vision lenses, multi-focal (progressive lenses) can be coated with a special material to accommodate different prescription needs . Similarly, people who spend roughly equal amounts of time indoors and outdoors can order a pair fitted with photochromic lenses.

Polarized sunglasses can be slightly expensive compared to untreated sunglasses, but you will instantly notice a difference in comfort and clarity.

Remember to get your eyes examined by a licensed professional who can give you professional advice about which kind of polarized sunglasses will work best for you!

Now with that newfound information here are some of IVI’s luxury eyewear top polarized picks!

Best polarized aviator sunglasses for women

Merc: Matte Midway Blue Lens Polarized

The Merc model renovates your quintessential designer aviator sunglasses. These aviators have colors for every style and every occasion, making Merc one of the best designer polarized sunglasses for women. The shape of these designer shades provide a bright look, which is a perfect accessory for a casual day out.

Best polarized aviator sunglasses for men

Blake: Matte Black Grey Polarized Lens

The customization of these designer aviator lenses is perfect to fit your personal needs. The Carl Zeiss lenses for glasses operate as a mirror but are clear as glass, providing precise clarity and keeping the road ahead clear making them the perfect anti glare glasses. Official, popular, and original—Blake gives you a luxury name brand while remaining relatively inexpensive. Legends never fade, and Blake gives this classic renewed shine.

Best polarized sunglasses for any occasion

Lee: Polished Black Grey Polarized Lens

The perfect blend of flash and modesty, Lee attracts attention without being ostentatious and is thus a fit for a host of customers, wherever they stand, and at a reasonable price! With the universal appeal of these designer shades, they provide a simple and bold look that is also unique to make anyone stand out from the crowd.

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