Is Your Style in Need of an Upgrade?

written by Arielle Faeldan | February 10, 2020

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Written By: Luna Natalie

When was the last time you gave your closet a good look? Ask yourself: Do your clothes still reflect your personality? Do they still fit well on you? Or more importantly, do you still have the desire to wear them? If you found yourself saying no to these questions, perhaps it’s time to give yourself a style upgrade. Here are some tips and tricks to help you become your most stylish self yet:

Invest in Timeless Pieces

Every season, editors and fashion experts tell the public what to wear and what not to wear. Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t only costly, but it also causes you to forget your own unique sense of style. Instead of buying what’s in, invest in timeless garments that speak to you, like a white button-down, a Breton top, and dark wash jeans. Style staples are great because they help you look effortlessly chic while remaining versatile enough to mix and match for different occasions. For instance, you can let your inner fashionista come out when you wear a classic LBD like this one from Reformation to a casual brunch by wearing a denim jacket on top, or to a fancy dinner date by accessorizing with dainty gold accessories.

Always Accessorize

Although accessories don’t get as much attention as clothes or shoes do, forgetting them is a major fashion faux pas. From necklaces and earrings, to hats and eyewear — accessories make all the difference for your outfits. Accessories have the ability to create a variety of looks, express your personal style more, and enhance your outfit. In fact, a study from The Swiss Journal of Psychology found that people appear to be more attractive and likeable when they sport premium eyeglasses or shades. Whether it’s putting on IVI Vision’s classic Standard style or the trendy Daggerwing pair, accessorizing well is the secret for a gorgeous get-up.

Focus on the Fit

There’s more to clothes than their appearance, as finding a design you like is only half the battle. Even the most beautiful material in the perfect color and cut will be a waste if it doesn’t fit you well. Woman Within’s range of colorful dresses puts a good deal of emphasis on the right fit — whether it’s an elegant flowing maxi garment or a more casual shirt dress. Look for breathable fabrics and thoughtful details like figure-flattering belts, and be sure to know your body type so you can select garments that flatter your shape. And if there’s a piece you like that doesn’t fit well and you’re willing to shell a few extra bucks for it, you can always go to a trusty tailor to perfect the look for you.

Create a Capsule Shoe Wardrobe

Last but not least, it’s important to pay attention to your footwear. With the array of shoes out there, it’s easy for people to flood their closet with a multitude of shoes. On the other side of the spectrum, some people might be overwhelmed and stick to a few pairs. A great way to upgrade your closet is to bring some balance by building a capsule shoe wardrobe. This is a collection of a few essential items of footwear. Having one in place will make it easier for you to piece outfits together. To get started, you should own a pair of just these 5 shoes — sweet ballet flats like the ones featured by Vogue, sleek white sneakers, classic pumps, smart loafers, and comfy ankle boots.

This article piece was written exclusively for IVI Vision by blogger Luna Natalie.

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