Eyewear Care: Do’s and Don’ts

Written by Arielle Faeldan | February 28, 2020

Modern sunglasses made for style and comfort

So you went shopping for sunglasses for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Did you find some designer sunglasses you really wanted but are afraid of damaging? We know that feeling.

Eyewear can be a costly investment, which is why we want to keep them in the best condition possible. We know how important glasses are to vision, eye protection, and style, so we went ahead and created some eyewear safety tips on how to keep your glasses looking fresh.


1. Use a case.

It’s easy to just throw your eyewear into a bag and forget about them, but this leads to damaged glasses. Soft-shell cases are useful for keeping your eyewear clean, but not the best for protecting them. Hard-shell cases are far superior at protection and will prevent your eyewear from receiving any bends or scratches.

2. Use two hands to take them off.

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Although you see it in the movies all the time, using one hand to take off your glasses is not the greatest idea. Using one hand can damage them and stretch the arms of your glasses. Why not put in the extra hand to keep those sunglasses for a little longer?

3. Clean them often.

Just like how you wash your clothes after wearing them, you should also clean your glasses. Running them under warm water (not hot) will rinse all the dust and debris off of your lenses. Once they’ve been rinsed, you want to use a microfiber cloth to dry them.


1. Don’t wipe your glasses with your shirt.

Shirttails and other clothes, unless 100% cotton, can both damage and transfer dirt onto your lenses. You should also avoid items like paper towels, napkins and tissues because they have textured surfaces and will certainly scratch your lenses.

2. Don’t use chemicals to clean.

Although cleaners like ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or window cleaners are good at cleaning surfaces, they are too strong for eyewear. These common household cleaners can ruin the lenses coatings, and thus, your eyewear lifespan. Instead, it’s best to use warm water or a lens cleaning solution.

3. Don’t wear them on your head.

women wearing sunglasses on top of her head

Whether it’s a stylistic choice or because you don’t want them on your face, wearing your glasses on your head is a big no-no. Although your sunglasses might be good for holding back your hair, the arms of your sunglasses will stretch out over time. Eyewear retainers (AKA eyeglass straps) are good alternatives for when your eyewear is not in use.

4. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight.

The dashboard of your car might be a convenient place to put your eyewear, but the heat from the sun can damage your lenses coating or melt plastic frames.

Invest in something timeless.

Buying those $10 sunglasses might sound like a great deal, but they probably won’t last you more than one season. Cheap sunglasses also put your eyes at risk from light sources. To make sure your glasses will last long and protect your eyes, you want to invest in a high quality pair. High quality sunglasses often have polarized lenses that double as protective eyewear and will even reduce glare.

At the end of the day, eyewear exists to aid your vision and protect your eyes from harmful light sources… but who’s to say that they shouldn’t make you look good while doing so.


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