4 Tips for new shoppers to consider

Written by Arielle Faeldan | March 6, 2020

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Knowing how to shop for sunglasses is essential if you are trying to own a certain look and add a nice touch to fit your appearance. Here are 4 factors to consider when shopping.

1.) Face shape

Choose glasses that will complement your face shape and bring out your natural features.

Round face: Glasses with big frames add balance to a round face and make your face appear slimmer. Avoid round frames as those types of glasses can make your face appear rounder.

Oval face: Round frames suit people with oval-shaped face. Avoid frames that are too big that will cover the features of your face.

Woman wearing round frames.

Heart-shaped face: Choose frames with sharp-corners. The bottom side of the frame should be smaller than the top side to match with the small chin of your face.

Square-shaped face: Rounder frames tend to compliment the features of the face and give it more of a natural look.

Woman wearing round frames of glasses.

2.) Skin Tone

Finding glasses that suit your skin tone will compliment your natural features. Warm skin tones suit warm colors, such as brown and gold. Cool skin tones suit darker colors, such as blue and gray.

IVI carries a list of designer sunglasses that suit each skin tone:

Eyewear for cool skin tones:

Purples lenses and frames
Blue lenses and frames.

Eyewear for warm skin tones:

Olive-colored lenses on orange frames.
Olive-colored lenses on ivory-colored frames.
Olive-colored lenses on dark frames.

3.) Your personal style

Girl smiling with sunglasses.

Glasses can make a big statement on your outfit, so it is important that you feel comfortable in the eyewear and can see yourself wearing it. This helps with your confidence and make the glasses worth the cost.

4.) Quality

Pick glasses that will last and are effective, especially if you are someone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. Make sure the glasses have enough shade so that it can protect your vision and allow you to enjoy being under the sun. If you spend a lot of time doing water or winter sports, polarized lenses can be a useful option.

IVI Vision provides a wide array of glasses that suits individuals with different needs.

Envision with IVI Vision

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