Summer Picks: Top 5 Shades for Women

Written by Amanda Ramos | June 3, 2020

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Summer is coming, and some restrictions are being lifted from quarantine, which means you will need to find the perfect pair of sunnies for a day out in the sun! If you’re having trouble finding the perfect pair to suit your style, here are some of our top picks that will suit your individual needs.

Rose-colored aviator shades


Want to look iconic and timeless in a pair of aviators? Perfect! Mercs are an all-time favorite to many. They have a simple bright look, which is great for the summer vibes. Grab a pair of these today, and these shades will never let you down.

Tortoise-colored shades


Looking for designer shades that are classy, flattering, and unapologetically put you in the spotlight? These shades will be perfect for you! Not only are these shades perfect for the beach, but also a day out shopping outside or brunch with your friends. You will look glamorous on any occasion with these sunnies.

Shades with rose-colored lens and black frames


For those who are looking for stylish, oversized glasses to stand out in the crowd! These designer shades will suit ay day out as it will add a little excitement to any outfit. Whether you are dressed up for a fun day out, or simply out to run errands, this subtle cat-eye look will add glamour to your look.

Shades with purple lens and white frames


These bulky square frames are great for those who are looking for a bold and sporty look. These tinted sunnies are perfect for UV protection and are suitable for those who are in the sun for a long time. If you are looking for something durable and unique, these shades are perfect for you!

Purple-colored shades


Are you looking for sunglasses with dark and cool colors? Do you like playing it mysteriously and adding drama to your outfit? Dusky shows that not all styles need to match the bright and sunny colors of summer and you will only attract everyone’s curiosity with this alluring look!

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