Blue Light: What Is It?

Written by Erik Morales | June 15, 2020

Blue light

Within all visible light, there is a spectrum of colors from red to violet. In that spectrum there is blue light which actually can have benefits; however, overexposure can have negative effects. Blue light comes mostly from the sun but it also emits from phones, electric monitors, and even LED light bulbs. In fact, Blue Light Lenses specifically omit the light from entering our eyes and thus saving us from the harmful effects of overexposure.

How Does Blue Light Affect You?

The sun provides the most blue light. Because the blue light lowers the production of melatonin, which is what helps in regulating your sleep-wake cycle, it causes you to be more alert during the day. Therefore, over exposing yourself to blue light during late night hours can disorientate our body’s circadian rhythm.

Also, blue light may lead to eye strain from prolonged use of digital screens. In this case, if you find yourself in a profession or hobby that puts you in front of an electric monitor for extended periods, then investing in Blue Light-Blocking Lenses may be a viable option.

What Can You Do About It?

Here are a few changes you can make to protect yourself from Blue Light

Reduce Screen Time: This is the easiest as well as the hardest one for many to do. Nonetheless, controlling the amount of blue light exposure is the most efficient way.

Screen Filters: There are filters that can be fitted for digital device: phones, tablets, and monitors that reduce eye dryness from overexposure.

Go Out During the Day: Doing this allows you to take in blue light naturally from the sun and reinforces a normal sleep cycle.

Blue Light Lenses: Also known as blue light blocking glasses, these do exactly what they sound like. They block out blue light with their special lenses to prevent eye damage.

Benefits of Blue Light Lenses

Here are some of the benefits for wearing Blue Light Lenses for Eye Health.

Helps Reduce Eye Strain and Discomfort: For people who spend a large portion of their day in front of a digital monitor, this is a common problem.

Reinforce Sleeping Habits: Adjusting your blue wavelength intake helps strengthen your sleeping schedule and habits. It can positively influence your internal clock for better quality of sleep.

Retina Protection: Some studies show that excessive continuous exposure to blue light can lead to retina damage which over time can lead to vision problems. This is also known as digital eye strain.

Blue light side effects may be something harmless in low frequencies but the constant exposure has its dangers. The most convenient manner of protecting yourself and your eyes for the long term is to begin using Blue Light Lenses and preserving your optical health now. These lenses are available in sunglasses, prescription glasses and regular lenses.

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