Gift Ideas Father’s Day 2020

Written by Jonathan Chavez | June 17, 2020

Dad and child at beach
Fathers day 2020 gift ideas: Check out these gifts to get dad this season and show how much you love him.

As 2020 fathers day approaches, you might still be debating on gifts to get your dad. You may find yourself looking for fathers day gifts online and having a difficult time deciding on a particular one.

After all, you want to give your father the gift he deserves and show him how much you appreciate him. You also want to ensure he enjoys his gift and makes good use of it.

Here at IVI Vision, we carry a wide array of styles personalized for all types of fathers. Whether your dad is stylish or more traditional, all of our IVI sunglasses are fitted with premium quality lenses.

Check out our variety of options for quick and easy father’s day gifts we offer based on personality type, and give your dad a gift he will remember and be thankful for. As you cherish these memorable moments with your father, you will also be able to find high quality and durable sunglasses with unique styles that will never go out of style.

Young at heart dad: BLAKE

Man with guitar
Kaleo Wassman, Lead Singer of Pepper, Wearing Blake in Chrome

For men who love to feel young and stylish, this pair of sunglasses is perfect for dads who like to stand out from the crowd. With a variety of colorful frames, you’ll be able to keep your dad in style all season.

Athletic dad: DIVIDANT

Dad with kids in car
Dividant sunglasses, father with his kids

Can’t seem to get your dad out of the basketball court or soccer field? With their unique frame and function, these sunglasses are made for men who live an active lifestyle and offer special comfort and protection.

Hipster dad: BROOKS

Man in black suit
Brooks sunglasses with Blue Chrome Lens

Have your dad display confidence and style with our Brooks sunglasses. This pair is a perfect look for anyone wanting to look trendy yet portray that timeless appeal. If your dad is constantly on the go and likes to remain in style, these are the perfect fit.

Traditional dad: DIRECTOR

Man with iPad
Director glasses in black

Not sure what kind of style your dad prefers? This pair of glasses is the perfect balance between stylish and simple. Whether your dad is in the office or attending a fancy event, this style is the perfect fit for all occasions.

Party dad: GRAVITAS

Two men with wine
Gravitas sunglasses

Ever feel that your dad is cooler than you? Some dads refuse to abide by social norms and like to be the life of the party. With these colorful and stylish sunglasses, your dad will be able to show off style and stand out in the best way possible.

Unique Gifts for Dad

With these additional last-minute father’s day gift ideas, you’ll be able to find the most meaningful gifts for dad that are also quick and easy to get your hands on.

Stitch Traveler


Thinking of gift ideas for traveling dad? This Stitch Traveler backpack is water and stain-resistant bag that is durable and will keep everything safe and organized.

Razor Starter Kit


Whether you are looking for late fathers day gift ideas or personalized gifts for dad, this razor starter kit is one of the perfect gifts to get him. After all, which man doesn’t appreciate a good razor kit?

Spice House Barbecue Kits

Spices and blends for barbecue

Does your dad love to have a barbecue on the weekend? How about some grilling gifts for dad? This spice house has hundreds of spices and blends that your dad will enjoy making for you and your family.

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