How a Simple Change in Eyewear Can Inspire a New Lifestyle

Written by Carlos Rosiles | June 24, 2020

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Envision with ivi vision

A simple change in your life is what everybody wants. No one wants to stay in the same rut their whole life. What are you doing to change your lifestyle for the better? Perhaps having a simple change like eyewear can inspire you to see the world in a different view: maybe even see yourself differently. This year is almost over so are you going to stay the same or get on out there and have an amazing new lifestyle?

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Expression Within Yourself


You know that having eyewear can help people see the real you and sometimes it can help create the image you want. Your identity is everything, so why not change the way you are perceived to the world around you? Express yourself to become what you think is your best self and own that lifestyle!

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Life Worth Changing


Have you ever thought it was possible to upgrade your lifestyle and have the best life ever by achieving your goals? Having a healthy work-life balance and a simple style using eyewear can motivate you and help you become the goal crusher you were meant to be.

If you are beginning to see that having a simple and bland lifestyle is not what you want for yourself and know that you need to start looking for a healthy lifestyle change, look for change through a different lens. What do you picture when you close your eyes? Do you see the quality of life that you wish you can have? How about opening your eyes and putting on that eyewear that will create a healthy habit and exceed expectations beyond what you thought was possible?

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Model shopping with sunglasses

Feeling your best self is the new norm and representing that part of you through fashion is important. The confidence and pride you feel when dressing to impress is part of who you are: this is how you make a lifestyle change. If you are fearless and motivated, the possibilities are endless. You can live your best life indefinitely. Even having a vacation and leaving your comfort zone is important to progress your life.

Upgrade your lifestyle with these frames:

Women: DUSKY

Dusky sunglasses
Be the center of obsession! Dusky features a slim, playful cat eye shape that has a subtle but alluring polished metal trim just above the lens. Its attractive silhouette catches the eye and demands investigation. So when people stare, Dusky gives them something talk about.


Custer sunglasses
Like a sniper’s ammunition, Custer is custom manufactured to highly exacting standards, providing deadly accuracy. This navigator style frame is for those who want to lead, setting a new example for others to follow.

“It’s never too late to become who you should be.”

George Eliot

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