8 Super Tips for Career Success

Written by Becky Lyn | July 10, 2020

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Building career success skills

Are you a recent graduate finally leaving the training wheels behind to enter into the professional industry? Or are you a go getter trying to get the most success out of your career? Securing the job is off the checklist, but your next concern would be how to succeed in your career. Because the world has become so competitive, gaining skills for career success is now more important than ever. Here are our recommended career and life skills for success!

Set Goals to Achieve

Before getting to any destination, you should ask yourself: How do I get there? Setting goals for yourself will help you define what success means to you and how you will achieve it. Start off with setting short term goals that can be easily achieved so that when it comes to long term goals, you’ll be more motivated. Write out your goals and list possible actions to execute each of your goals.

Network, Network, and NETWORK

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Networking skills for career success/ Communication skills for career success

Even though the training wheels are off, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a lot more to learn in the professional industry! Take advantage of the people around you and network with them to learn about their stories and skills. Schedule a meeting or a networking event to meet people above you that you aspire to be like, and hear about their experiences and what they did to get to where they’re at. This will really contribute to your goal plans and give you a clearer vision of how to build a successful career.

Show, Not Tell

While growing up we always heard “show, not tell,” but now it’s finally time to take that saying to the test. You already did all the telling in your interview to land the job, now it’s time to show your employers what you’re capable of. Identify your strengths and leverage your knowledge and wisdom to deliver quality results.

Accept Feedback

You will never know how well you’re doing or how to improve unless you ask for feedback. Build a relationship with your employer by trying to meet with them regularly to ask for their feedback. When given the feedback, be attentive and understand that the criticism is coming from good intent. One of the best soft skills for career success is being open to constructive criticism and incorporating the feedback into your performance to better your work ethics and achieve career success.

Be Your Own Evaluator

While you are accepting feedback and being evaluated by the people around you, don’t forget to evaluate your own self! One of the best building skills for career success is to assess your own performance. Make it a routine to have a status report check up with yourself. Evaluate your performance and how your actions align with your goals and what following steps should you take to continue achieving your goals.

Set a Routine

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Life skills essential for a successful career

Did you know that one of the things most successful people in the world do is make their bed? Starting off your morning by going straight into a routine will help lead to higher chances of happiness and productivity. Setting a routine will help you gain valuable life skills such as time budgeting and organizing.

Look the Part and Feel the Part

Take time out of your night the day before work to plan your outfit. Pull out your favorite pieces that make you look presentable yet professional. Looking the part goes a long way because it will help you gain the confidence to feel the part. Top off your look with blue light eyewear to keep your eyes protected. Blue light filtering lenses will protect you from potential blue light side effects and give you that boost of confidence to complete your look.

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And of course, lastly, communicate effectively! Having great verbal and written communication skills will prepare you for career success. This valuable soft skill will help you create a positive work environment, increase productivity, and build team work. While having effective verbal communication skills are ideal, having good writing skills are necessary for career success too. Effective communication skills are the fuel for career success!

Here at IVI Vision, we inspire people to be the best version of themselves and we hope that these super tips will help you gain career-building skills for success. Like our eyewear handcrafted to perfection, building a successful career takes dedication, patience, and time. We hope these career development skills for success will inspire and equip you to reach your goals.

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