Eyewear Choices Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Written by Kalysta Law

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Feeling stuck, uninspired, or lackluster? Take a break from your busy daily routine to look up your zodiac sign! Maybe you will find that your special place in the universe is already written in the stars. Where the stars and moon align—through a different lens of perspective—all the dots connect.

Zodiac signs play a small part in the universe of astrology, but it also happens to be a common way of further discovering ourselves and the people around us. Zodiac compatibility act as a general guideline to better understand every unique and irreplaceable soul. Here are some basic traits of zodiac signs and shades that are perfect for each sign.

– Water Signs –

If you are a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you are a water sign. Like the ocean, you are emotional, sensitive, and mysterious.

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Cancer: Jun 21–Jul 22

brown sunglasses, tortoise pattern, round
Brooks: Polished Ambercomb Tortoise

You are drawn to classics—the timeless essentials, not the boring pieces. You know what you like and go for it. Trends don’t tempt you too much, although being stylish is always a plus.

Brooks are the perfect round sunglasses that are simple yet stylish. The unique tortoise pattern will subtly jazz up any outfit that suits your mood.

Scorpio: Oct 23–Nov 21

beige, sunglasses, big frames
Daggerwing: Nude

You are passionate and determined, most importantly, you are not afraid to show it. Scorpio is the water sign that is brave and bold. You live to experience and embrace your emotions.

Hit them with the oversized butterfly-shaped frame like Daggerwing and show them who’s the boss. Bold statement pieces do not intimidate you, they are the cherry on top to your killer style. These luxury sunglasses will show them that you set the rules, not the star signs!

Pisces: Feb 19–Mar 20

Your astrology sign’s characteristics show that you are empathetic and emotional. Like a dreamer, you are often driven by your artistic or spiritual instincts. You are not shy to express your unique taste through fashion.

With Faye, drive your fashion game all the way to the clouds. This rounded cat-eye frame is the perfect combination of elegance and fame. With these designer frames inspired by Hollywood’s Golden Age, you will practically see your name in the lights.

round sunglasses, white, purple tinted lenses, polarized, cat eye
Faye: Polished Nude

– Fire Signs –

If you are a Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius, you are a fire sign. The common traits of these zodiac signs resemble the blaze of fire—passion, intelligence, and creativity shine brightly from your personality. Often inspiring to others, you are always ready for an adventure.

fire, black background, red flames

Leo: Jul 23–Aug 22

aviators, gold rims, pink tinted lenses
Merc: Polished Gold

As a natural-born leader, you are creative, humorous, and hard to resist. Like the “king of the jungle,” you are confident and attractive. You can rock a classic look and still attract people’s eyes.

Merc is a classic, flattering aviator style that is timeless yet trendy. Give it your own spin with the tinted lenses that will make a bold statement anywhere you go.

Aries: Mar 21–Apr 19

cat eye shape, black frames, pink lenses
Bonnie: Rose Gradient Lens

Courageous, competitive, and enthusiastic are some of your proudest personality traits. Always seeking change, your mere presence is a representation of a new start. Not only is it a lifestyle, it is also a fashion taste.

The subtle cat eye shape paired with unique gradient lenses, Bonnie is the spark in the dark, not too flashy but still endlessly fascinating.

Sagittarius: Nov 22–Dec 21

Radiating curious and optimistic energy, you are idealistic and eager to discover the unknown. With a carefree attitude, you see the world through the bright bold lens of humor and adventure.

Regular glasses don’t suit your appetite for new things. Blake gives you the iconic look with a bold twist on the bridge shape, while the custom etching on the outer edge sets you apart from the rest.

aviators, gold lense, gold rims
Blake: Bronze AR Lens

– Earth Signs –

If you are a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you belong to the earth signs. You are realistic, loyal and stable—you keep the rest of us “grounded.”

ground, dirt, rocks, brown leaf, fall

Taurus: Apr 20–May 20

black frames, black lenses, sunglasses
Deano: Polished Black

Reliable and Practical, you are the one to harvest the fruits of labor. Sometimes understood as stubbornness, others can always count on you to be committed once you set your mind to it.

Deano is a style that takes the IVI family back to its roots. These frames are a combination of style and comfort, a practical choice for those who want the best value out of every penny.

Virgo: Aug 23–Sep 22

cat eye, black lenses, tortoise
Dusky: Ambercomb Tortoise

You have a strong character that is well-organized and hardworking. The earthy tones in your horoscope highlights your attention to details and your ability to find the beauty in simple things.

Dusky is unique but not flashy, classic but playful. The cat eye shape designer sunglasses are dependable and well-made. Every detail is designed to compliment your simple yet stylish look.

Capricorn: Dec 22–Jan 19

With the ability to lead the way, you are responsible and disciplined. You possess a strong sense of independence that matches well with your practical and grounding personal traits.

As a natural leader, Sepulveda shows off the crisp attitude you carry—strong and capable, urging for others to follow. These square sunglasses venture into stylish territory without abandoning tradition completely.

Sepulveda: Polished Black and Copper

– Air Signs –

If you are a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you belong to the air signs. You are good with communication and relationships—always creating good “flow” in social situations. Often with your head in the clouds, you are a thinker and give great advice.

blue sky, white clouds

Gemini: May 21–Jun 20

aviator, brown frames, purple tinted lenses, polarized
Hunter: Amethyst Flame Lens

Belonging to the element of air, you are sometimes sociable and ready for fun, but also thoughtful and serious at times. You are quick to adapt and full of new ideas. You are drawn to pieces that show off your personality.

Hunter is a fresh take on the classic aviator sunglasses. Its dynamic color combinations and unique shape is eye-catching and fearless, a perfect accessory that allows you to be a little reckless.

Libra: Sep 23–Oct 22

classic sunglasses, black, grey
Standard: Polished Double Horn

Often described as gracious and cooperative, you are great to have on a team. You value fairness, seek justice, and appreciate balance and symmetry.

Standard is a perfect balance between casual and sophisticated, a comfortable blend of style and classic. It is low-key when you want to highlight your unique features, it can also stand on its own when you want to make your sunglasses a statement.

Aquarius: Jan 20–Feb 18

Eccentric and original as you are, you follow no other than your own rules. You see endless possibilities in the world and are stopped by nothing.

Division is an innovative mix of vintage and futuristic features. They are a bold and unique touch to your creative mind.

vintage, sunglasses, gold rims, brown tint
Division: Gold Lens

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