5 Tips to Help you Get Through the Quarantine

Written by Arielle Faeldan | August 14, 2020

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As many of you know, the Coronavirus has run rampant throughout the U.S. hitting places like New York
extremely hard. We hope everyone is staying safe and adhering to the shelter-in-place guidelines in order
to help “flatten the curve.” In addition to this, we know that staying at home means routines are changing
and some activities aren’t able to be done anymore. But don’t worry! Here are 5 things to do to help you
through this time of isolation.

1. Set a schedule/routine


First on our list is to create a routine. Before you get your day/week started, you should write down all the
tasks you want to accomplish, from most important to least important. This should give you a good idea
of what things you need to accomplish. For many of us who aren’t used to working from home, it can be
difficult to adjust to this kind of lifestyle. One of the biggest challenges is trying to get into that “work”
mindset. Waking up at your normal time, doing your morning routine, and getting ready for work, the
same way you normally do can help with achieving that “ready-to-work” mindset. Once you’re ready,
make sure to allocate your time for work, breaks, and “home time,” which is time for your chores, leisure,

2. Check up on friends and family
Although we can’t see them in person, you can always message, call, and even video call your friends and
family! Chances are they’ll be delighted to talk with you because they’re likely stuck at home as well.
You can even get creative and watch movies or play online pictionary. One popular application that’s
great for video calling and screen sharing is Zoom. So what are you waiting for? Check up on your loved

3. Learn, Learn, Learn


One of the best things to do during the shelter-in-place is to obtain more knowledge. Whether it’s reading
a book, taking an online class, or just finding miscellaneous facts, there’s so much out there to learn. You
can also learn a new hobby! Some of the best hobbies to learn during this time are cooking, baking, even
playing that old instrument might be sitting in the corner collecting dust. Some resources that are great for
learning are FutureLearn and even YouTube. If you’re more experienced at a hobby and want to share or
just want to discuss your hobby, check out online groups (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) so you can
share what you know or even learn a thing or two yourself.

4. Clean and Declutter
Now that we’re stuck at home, it’s more important than ever to keep our houses neat and orderly. Many
of us are working from home, which might be a difficult adjustment to make. The office is generally
cleaner, with all of our important documents right where we need them. Our homes aren’t like our office
spaces, which is why it is important to tidy up and create a more comfortable working environment.
Additionally, spending so much time at home means we’re seeing all the little messes that might exist in
the house. Did you have a lot of unopened mail that’s piling up? Old clothes that need to be donated?
Now’s a great time to be reorganizing to make your home as tranquil as can be. Another area that may
need some decluttering is computer files. Whether it be on your computer hard drive or in a Google Drive
folder, it’s a great time to sort things to make them easier to find in the future. If you’re having trouble on where to start decluttering, check out Marie Kondo, whose philosophy emphasizes how clean and
organized spaces, lead to simpler, more joyous lives.

5. Make sure to relax

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Watching the news can be very scary and stressful because they’re always talking about the Coronavirus.
In addition to that, working from home has a lot of complications that can increase your stress, while also
blurring the line of when you should be working and when you’re “home”. To help create that separation,
you should plan out when you’re on the job and when you’re not, like we mentioned in our first tip. Our
other tips also mention ways to be productive while you’re at home, however this can put a lot of stress
on you to constantly be productive. We’re here to remind you that it’s necessary to spend time to sit back
and relax. Take a hot shower or bath, pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your favorite film, and enjoy
the evening without interruptions. There are plenty of ways to relax, just make sure that it relieves the
stress from work and the news, and that you enjoy what you’re doing.
We just want to make sure everybody is doing their best and staying safe. The fastest way to get through
this is to do our part. Remember to wash your hands often, and to limit your time in public spaces.

At the end of all of this, we’re going to be better than we were before!


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