Outfits That Will Make You Excited For Fall

By Kalysta Law | October 7, 2020

clothing rack with coats, polos, and shirts in a retail store.

Whether or not we are ready, it is time to put away the tank tops and pull out the sweaters. While summer was all about showing off the beach-day tan and workout results, fall is when true fashion style shines. This is the time to make casual outfits slightly glamorous, and the season to go ham with formal/business outfits. With the perfect in-between weather that allows layering and mix-matching, plus the warm hues from mother nature as a compliment, there is no better season to dress and feel absolutely fabulous.

Although adhering to CDC guidelines should be our first priority (don’t forget your mask!), style is in no way being sacrificed in the midst of social distancing. Whether you are out to grab some milk from the store or on your way to tackle some work in the office, we figured out the easy formula for fall fashion 2020.

Excuse me, sir! You look fab!

Whether you rock a capsule wardrobe or a walk-in closet, a fall casual outfit can easily be put together. The gist of a casual outfit is comfort, so throw on a simple pair of dark jeans and crisp white sneakers for maximum mobility and minimum stress. To accommodate the autumn breeze, grab a light jacket to add warmth and pull your outfit together.

The easiest and most affordable way to elevate any basic outfit is by adding in accessories. Woke up late? Throw on a cap to add a pop of color, and also to avoid styling the mess on your head; Not enough sleep? Grab some shades to hide the dark circles. Sepulveda, the flat-top square designer sunglasses add structure and class to a simple look. With 100% protection against UVA/UVB, these shades ensure the best quality and comfort for the eyes when you are out and ready to go.

sunglasses, jean jacket, black pants, and pink cap

A functional work wardrobe often has a default of minimal colors and patterns, with collared shirts lined up and dress pants hanging. With workwear often times being more costly, building a capsule wardrobe for work that is both stylish, comfortable, and professional will require a little bit more effort and planning.

As the weather cools down, there is no better time to utilize the infamous “third piece” to complete your outfit. Put on your most reliable dress shirt as the base, with any classic blazer, you will already radiate confidence and professionalism. To keep the look office-friendly, choose one piece in the outfit to be the focal point—a pop of color, a unique pattern, or even some texture. In this outfit, we paired the overall basic look with these teal trousers that make a low-key statement.

The best business outfits are those that adhere to a professional dress code while still allowing personality to peek through. Add some edge and fun to your outfit with Producer, the half-rim wire glasses. To keep your blazer outfit casual, these simple yet timeless frames are what you are missing to complete an outfit that looks like your “fall outfit inspiration” Pinterest board. When casual Friday rolls around, change up your business outfits by switching out your dress shoes for some quality sneakers. Don’t forget that accessories tie your whole look together. Play with the juxtaposition of street style and office wear to create a chic blend of personality.

eyeglasses, vest, dress shirt, brown shoes, and blue dress pants

Pardon me, ma’am! Where did you get this??

There is nothing cozier than waking up to a foggy morning on the weekends. When changing out of pajamas becomes a difficult task to complete, why not just wear them out instead? When most of our free time is spent at home, the essence of a 2020 casual outfit is definitely comfort. Switch out your cozy sweatpants for some stretchy jeans, keep your high neck sweater on for comfort and warmth, no one said comfy and cute don’t go together, right? Teddy jackets are not going out of style any time soon, the fluffy cloud of a coat feels just like having a blanket wrapped around you.

Accessories are what will bring your outfit from pajamas to a chic casual fall outfit for women. Don’t forget to pick up Bonnie before leaving your home. The subtle cat-eye shaped frames come in a variety of color ways, perfect for adding interest on those no-makeup days. Last but not least, throw on your favorite necklace set and ankle boots to complete your extremely comfortable yet stylish fall casual look.

white coat,black sweat shirt, blue jeans, and sunglasses

The last thing you want to worry about when running late to work on a chilly weekday is what to wear. After browsing all the fall outfit ideas for women, with the goal of looking professional, stylish, yet effortless seem unachievable when there are only 10 minutes left before you need to rush out the door. A key tip we have for you is to play with colors and tones. Blue and camel are both classic colors, however, when combined, it becomes very trendy and some-what unusual. Take advantage of the pieces you already have in your wardrobe like a blue blouse and blue trousers to create the base of your outfit. The light tone of blue keeps your outfit bright but not boring. Throw on a warm camel coat to bring your summer outfit right into fall. With complementary heeled tan boots, you are quickly office-ready.

We can never say it enough times, accessorize! “Less is more,” by keeping the colors and patterns cohesive help your outfit look intentional and classic. A gold watch is not only practical but also offers the perfect amount of bling to your business casual outfits. To complement the earthy neutral tones of the coat and shoes, throw on the timeless round designer frames, Brooks, in the best-selling amber comb tortoise color way. The round shape is retro yet sophisticated, these are the best designer sunglasses that suit every face shape and style.

light brown coat, shirt/pant. sunglasses, brown boats, and gold watch

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