Outfit Ideas for Holiday Season 2020

By Jasleen Kaur | November 11, 2020

It’s finally the time of the year to bring out your stylish side. It’s the perfect time to add some layers to your comfortable looks to make them more fashionable. Combine staples from your closet with some new accessories to pull together a perfect look. Here are some holiday outfit ideas to wear this season. Most importantly, make sure to grab your mask before leaving the house!

A Perfect Business Casual Outfit

No matter what your style is, a fall outfit can be put together with items that you already have. A blue and tan toned flannel paired with traditional khaki pants and black sneakers will make a wonderful and fashionable holiday outfit for men.

Add a brown leather watch and belt, but remember to bring Gravitas to complete the look. The bulky square frame with the Carl Zeiss lenses make for the perfect designer sunglasses to make you stand out as a leader.

A Trendy and Fashionable Outfit for a Day Out

A simple pair of black jeans with a nice, soft orange sweater and black ankle boots can make for a comfortable and fashionable outfit. Bring a warm jean jacket to add some warmth and style.

Adding a couple of accessories is always a good idea to put together an outfit, like a gold watch. Not in the mood to put on eye makeup? Just grab the butterfly shaped polarized sunglasses for women on your way out to cover up the eyes on a lazy day. Daggerwing is the ideal dramatic cat eye pair of shades to add a delightful flare to finish off the looks for this holiday party outfit.

A Classy and Comfortable Outfit for a Quick Outing

For a warm and stylish business causal look, pair a grey dress shirt with some dark blue plaid pants and white sneakers.

Accessories will bring this look together, so add a classy navy blue watch, a simple black belt, and don’t forget to grab Director. This designer pair of glasses will make you stand out while looking very sophisticated. They’re perfect for any business casual outfit.

The Perfect Pop of Color in a Holiday Outfit

The worst thing on a cold day is having to worry about putting together an outfit that is fashionable, warm, and comfortable. Pair an elegant white blouse with a long tan coat and a comfortable pair of light wash jeans. Add white shoes to make for the perfect business casual women’s outfit.

This simple outfit can be spiced up with Prerogative. These designer eyeglasses add just the right amount of confidence to the look. This pair steps away from the more typical round frame and add a unique color. The black on golden yellow frame adds a sense of individuality to whoever is wearing them. Pair a red leather bag to bring a pop of color to this perfect holiday outfit for 2020.

Gather your favorite clothing pieces and accessories and get stylish this fall season! Stay tuned for more ideas!

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