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The eyewear industry has expanded a good deal in products, style, and range. Sometimes it may be confusing picking the perfect pair for you. It is important to understand how certain frame colors, glasses shapes, and sizes all have different impacts on complementing your facial structure.

 If you are looking to find sunglasses to accentuate your face shape, we have some tips, tricks, and recommendations to help you rock your look with the best luxury brand sunglasses.

Now let’s talks shapes!

Graphic demonstration of an oval face shape
Sunglasses from IVI Vision in the styles Beverly, Gravitas, Blake, and Merc

If you have an oval face shape, we consider you one of the lucky ones! Oval shaped faces can pull off about any style since their face proportions are naturally balanced. People with this shape tend to have long faces, high cheekbones, and a more narrow chin compared to their forehead. Oval faces should avoid frames that may be too big or small in size to not throw off the balance.

However, rules are meant to be broken! Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold shapes or colors because confidence is all you need to pull it off!

We have selected some flattering sunglasses for oval faces. An ideal frame for any woman with an oval face is Beverly. These oversized butterfly sunglasses add a perfect touch that keeps you camera ready. Another sunglasses style that is great for this face shape are aviators. We have two pair of aviators frames in the IVI collection which are Blake and Merc. Blake is perfect for a day out in the sun or a casual scroll in town. Merc provides a bright look, which makes it a perfect accessory for any outfit that stands out. Last but not least, another style that goes well with an oval shape face is Gravitas. These sunglasses will give a sense of leadership to anyone that wears them.


Graphic demonstration of a heart face shape
Sunglasses from IVI Vision in the styles Bonnie, Gravitas, and Faye

Heart-shaped faces tend to have a broader forehead that narrows all the way down to the chin. A heart shape is also described as an upside-down triangle, where it is thicker at the top and thins down as it reaches the bottom.

When it comes to heart-shaped faces, it is all about the forehead! The biggest objective is to take away the focus from the width of the forehead and broaden the appearance of the chin.

We encourage you to pick glasses with a curved or cat-eyed edge to draw away attention from the forehead. Lastly, light colored frames are also a great way to draw away the width from the top of the face. A good choice are thin, light-colored frames and rimless frames. Light colors will be your best friend! Summer and spring is the season of hearts!

There are three frames we believe are the best eyeglass frames for heart shaped face. Bonnie is a pair of sunglasses that fits any woman with this face shape. It’s also considered to be the best designer sunglasses for women. These stylish cat eye sunglasses is designed to show-off anyone’s creative expression. Gravitas is another frame that goes well with the heart shape face. These square shaped sunglasses go well with many outfits and is great for any occasion. A third frame that is great for this face shape is Faye. Faye is a big square cat eye sunglasses style that provides a timeless look for anyone keeping up with fashion but still wants a classic outfit. Women with a heart shaped face has the best face shape for cat eye glasses. They can pull off sunglasses such as the Bonnie and Faye. Cat eye sunglasses trend are here to stay.

Graphic demonstration of a square face shape
Sunglasses from IVI Vision in the styles Merc, Brooks, and Blake

Square face shapes have the sharp, straight, and lined features. These faces tend to have broad foreheads as well as a strong and wide and jawline.  

Now let’s add in soft features to balance it out!

Square faces need thin metal frames with a curved or rounded edge to even out the dominant face dimensions. It is also suggested to lean more towards soft colors such as gold, bronze, and silver. The big picture is to stay away from boxy, straight lined, and bold edges to avoid harshening your look.

We have chosen the best designer sunglasses that is ideal for a person with a square shape face. Merc goes great with anyone with this face shape. These designer aviator sunglasses allows you to look cool, keep up with current sunglass trends, and most importantly, authentic to your own style. Another great pair of sunglasses that goes well with this face shape is Brooks. Brooks is a classic round frame inspired by the vintage style found all throughout fashion for decades.Having a square face is the best face shape for round glasses. These are some of the best sunglasses for square face woman. Blake is another aviator frame that goes great with a person that has a square shaped face. These frames will help you show off your already unique facial features.

Graphic demonstration of a round face shape
Sunglasses from IVI Vision in the styles Gravitas, Sepulveda, and Merc

If you have a round face, then you got curves!

Round faces tend to have equal proportions with fuller cheeks, soft curves, and no angles.

When choosing sunglasses, you want to take away from the fullness of the face and make it more defined and contoured. Sunglasses that are boxy, squared, or even cat-eyed will sharpen your softer look.

It can sometimes be difficult to find sunglasses that goes well with a round face shape, so we have found three frames that will help. These are some of the most flattering sunglasses for round faces around. Gravitas is the best designer glasses for round faces. They will do anything but hold you down. Sepulveda is precisely the one for those who like the flat sunglasses trend. These sunglasses provide a classic look that will boost your confidence and upgrade your outfit every time you put them on. Sepulveda are the best square frame sunglasses out there. Merc is a high-flying pair of sunglasses that will help you look your best and will never let you down.

Hopefully, after reading this you have a better understanding about which type of sunglasses will fit your particular face shape. Knowing which frames goes well with your face will allows you to easily navigate through the sea of eyewear and find your perfect match! Aspirate to find the most flattering sunglasses for face shape for you.


Aviator sunglasses with reflective lens by IVI Vision

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