Spot Eiza González Wearing IVI in the Godzilla vs Kong Movie

Have you seen the Godzilla vs Kong Movie yet? If not, be on the look out for IVI’s cameo in the film. IVI was granted the opportunity to be apart of Godzilla vs Kong. In the movie, a Godzilla vs Kong cast member was wearing a pair of IVI sunglasses—Eiza Gonzalez. Our aviator sunglasses with blue mirror lenses was the pair Eiza Gonzalez rocked with her outfit during the movie.

In the box office blockbuster Godzilla vs Kong, Eiza Gonzalez played Maia Simmons and during her introduction she was sporting one of our classic frames—Merc. These sunglasses are the perfect outdoor sunglasses for any occasion. It was a perfect pair of sunnies that went well with Eiza Gonzalez’s fashion style in the movie. With all the action occurring in the film, Merc proved to be one of the best outdoor sports sunglasses. These are one of the finest sunglasses for men outdoors, as well as women. Merc, like many other IVI frames, are great outdoor sunglasses polarized for sensitive light, glare reduction, and are made with ultra-premium Zeiss lenses.

After watching Eiza Gonzalez (Maia Simmons in the movie) wear Merc, it should be considered one of the best celebrity sunglasses. Outside of the movie, we believe that these 58mm aviator polarized sunglasses go great with Eiza Gonzalez’s casual outfit. You can also make a debate that these are the best blue sunglasses celebrity frames. Eiza wearing these sunglasses just adds her into an influential group of celebrities in aviator sunglasses. In fact, IVI Sunglasses such as Merc, should be apart of any actors outfit lookbook because it fits any style. The classic 58mm aviator sunglasses crafted with beautiful lens design suits many outfits for both celebrities and fans alike.

Not only are celebrities able to rock with IVI sunglasses, but fans as well. Fans that are looking to buy Godzilla vs Kong merchandise should consider adding the Merc to their collection because of it’s alluring role in the movie. These are outdoors sunglasses that look good with any style. They are also outdoor sports polarized sunglasses that are perfect for your outdoor activities. These frames are also prescription outdoor sunglasses as well. Merc, just like any other IVI sunglasses, are made with Carl Zeiss glasses. Purchasing these sunglasses will allow fans to own a piece of King Kong vs Godzilla gear.

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