Fashionable Fall Outfits for 2021

Written by: Candy Li | September 21, 2021

There is nothing better than sipping a cold drink, sunbathing at the beach, and enjoying the warm weather. But it is time to put away the tank tops and pull out your sweater because you want to look amazing on casual days and workdays, even in cold weather! 

Even though it has been 1.5 years, the pandemic is still going on. So you want to follow CDC guidelines and wear your mask on any occasion. You can still look incredible in your mask! Whether you are working out or having meetings with your clients, we have got your back! We put all the pieces together and figured out the simple recipe for fall fashion in 2021, just for you!


To Trench or Not to Trench?

It’s a casual Friday, and you are just waiting for the workday to end so it can be the weekend. But, you still have meetings with your group, so you want to dress nice and be confident. Black and white is a common combination, but it becomes eye-catching and trendy when you add patterns. We recommend putting on your white shirt as a base and adding a Boucle Plaid Skirt because it is comfy and classy. It’s chilly during the fall season, so be sure to grab your favorite boots and a fashionable trench coat to keep warm but also look chic. 

Remember that accessories are crucial to your outfit. A black & gold watch will surely gain attention, so wear it on any occasion. Finally, Dusky 2.0 is an oversized, unique, and lightweight frame, which will make you look fabulous. Dusky 2.0 is featured with its playful square structure with a quirky poise, and it is one of the best luxury eyewear for women. It is born to be paired with stylish outfits and charming cosmetics so that you can bring it to your friends’ party, a conference, or any casual day out. What’s more, it is not going out of style anytime soon, so grab a pair and keep the attention on you!

It’s a cool fall day, and you are waking up bundled up with sleepy looks. Turns out that staying in bed is not going to be the move for the day. It is not easy to switch from pajamas to a casual outfit on a cold weekend day, but you have a date, so you know you have to look amazing. Luckily, we put together the perfect outfit for you! Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and grab a cozy pull-over sweater to keep warm. Pick out your cutest beanie to hide that bed head, and lastly, grab those pointed-toe boots to strut to your date. 

Before you head out, take your Daggerwing sunglasses with you. This sexy, strong, butterfly shape frame will make you the star of the crowd on any occasion. The eye-catching leopard tortoise color is the best fit for the fall season. But let’s be real, any Daggerwing frame will elevate your outfit! These unique, oversized, luxurious shades utilize Carl Zeiss optical lenses to ensure your most precise vision, so you don’t have to worry about tripping on a curb and it ruining your outfit. Enjoy your date with Daggerwing! 


Dress Powerful & Amaze Your Clients!

You have a couple of meetings today with your clients, and your work wardrobe is hanging with matching suits and pants. Nope, we do not suggest wearing those because a first impression is essential. You want to dress professionally and show your personality. We recommend throwing on your workday blazer with any shirt as a base to show you are confident. A pair of dark blue jeans would agree with your overall style and remain comfortable. You are almost ready, but do not forget your combat boots to stay low-key and classic. Additionally, take your luxurious-looking business bag with you because it shows that you are the expert in the field and are prepared to impress in your workplace. 

An accessory would add points to your overall style, but a bold and straightforward shade would seriously wow your coworkers! The IVI Vision frame, Lee, is an oversized and modest frame that attracts attention. The inlaid temple pads and an adjustable wire core ensure the sunglasses will not grip your head too tightly or slip off during critical events. Along with that, this powerful-looking frame provides clarity on any sunny day. More importantly, the square shape of Lee makes you stand out from the crowd and shows an attitude that you own the room, which would undoubtedly amaze and impress your clients! 

You plan to work out on a casual and cool day but have trouble deciding what to wear. Do you dress in a big coat to stay warm? Or do you dress in those summer workout clothes you have been wearing for months? We have the answer! Dress cozy and sporty. We love an athletic, comfortable outfit that looks fashionable, but in reality, you just threw something together. With that said, put on your joggers and black sneakers to maximize mobility and grab your favorite hoodie to keep you warm. 

Put the finishing touches on your outfit with some accessories! Don’t want to style your hair? No problem! Put on a cap, and it would do the trick. Still sleepy? Put on some IVI Vision shades to block out the sun. Blake is an affordable and elegant frame, and its large round structure will bring the spotlight on you. Blake also provides 100% UVA, UVB protection to ensure the ultimate comfort and quality for your eyes when you are ready to go out. So, get up and get going to be a healthier, more fashionable you!

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