Feeling to Frame: Let Your Mood Choose Your Frame

By: Faith Eusebio | October 4th, 2021

What we wear can determine not only how we look, but also how we feel. Even when we are feeling less than confident, putting on a killer outfit with our favorite pair of IVI shades can turn our entire day around. We curated four frames that will elevate your look and your mood!

Be Bold in Bonnie

When we are feeling fashionable and bold, Bonnie is our go-to! These oversized frames add a vintage, glamorous touch to any outfit. Bonnie is perfect for brunch with friends, a sunny car ride through the city, or a day at the beach. These frames were made for the artists and creators who use fashion as a means of expression.

These show-stopping frames were made for those who know what they want. Bonnie is for those who are focused on tomorrow, leaving the past in their wake. Our seven colorways ensure that you can wear Bonnie with any outfit. The subtle cat-eye combined with the classic wayfarer design is flattering on everybody, especially round face shapes. Whichever way you style them, Bonnie will give you an instant boost of confidence.

Be Daring in Daggerwing

As one of our best-selling frames, Daggerwing screams drama! These oversized shades are not for the faint of heart. These retro-inspired shades add flare to any outfit while calling back to the classic shape of the 1950s. Daggerwing is perfect for a day out on the town or a trip with friends. When you are feeling daring and chic, Daggerwing are the perfect frames for you!

These frames scream “model off duty” without sacrificing wearability. Daggerwing’s oversized butterfly cat-eye shape could make even Audrey Hepburn swoon. The exaggerated wings and curves emphasize their delicacy but hint at dauntlessness both in fashion and personal expression. Choose from our eight unique colorways, including our three brand-new colorways: black granite, translucent pink, and leopard tortoise. As with all our frames, Daggerwing utilizes Carl Zeiss optical lenses to provide the best and clearest eyewear for your vision. You’ll never disappoint in Daggerwing.

Show Off Your Swagger in Sepulveda

Sepulveda was made for the rule-breakers. These Givenchy-style shades deviate from the norm while calling back to a more classic shape. Sepulveda’s daring shades compliment any outfit while elevating your style. These versatile frames are perfect for both a night out and a day in the office. When you are feeling brave and poised, Sepulveda is there to match your mood.

This bold flat-top design is a personal style statement for those who dare to be pioneers – blazing a path for others to follow. Sepulveda offers 100 UVA and UVB protection while ensuring the best quality and comfort for the eyes. These staple shades belong in every wardrobe and come in eight different colorways. While these daring frames are sure to make a statement, they complement all face shapes. No matter how you wear them, Sepulveda is anything but boring.

Stay Confident in Custer

Custer takes classic to new heights! A reinvention of the standard aviator shape, these frames are a wearable work of art. Stay confident and ahead of the crowd in these innovative and influential shades. Custer is meant to be worn by those who work hard and play hard. Whether you are feeling adventurous or want to experiment with your style, Custer will never steer you wrong.

Over 150 artisans handcrafted Custer’s elaborate etching and signature dark lenses. The utilitarian style of these designer aviator sunglasses is made with Nickel Silver Frame and Nylon Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens with UV400 protection, ensuring precise clarity and protection from the sun. As one of our more distinctive frames, Custer is sure to turn heads anywhere you go! These navigator-style frames were created for those who want to lead, setting a new example for others to follow.

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