What Makes IVI Special

Written by: Jessica Lim | February 15, 2022

Quality, quality, quality. When shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, quality is one of the most important factors to consider. You want to purchase frames that are built to last and can be depended on to provide the necessary UV protection, rain or shine.

Featuring premium Carl Zeiss lenses and pristine craftsmanship, IVI Vision provides the finest eyewear with world-class technology. Read more to find out what makes IVI different.

Handcrafted Excellence

Each statement pair of IVI Vision frames is created through a perfected process. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, we make certain that our sunglasses are created flawlessly. Both our frames and lenses go through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that every single pair of IVI sunglasses are up to our standard of exceptional quality. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality eyewear for our customers—handcrafted with precision.

Carl Zeiss: Technology at its Finest

Carl Zeiss Vision has been an international leader in premium optics and sunlenses for over a century. Innovations from Carl Zeiss include capturing the first Moon landing and developing satellite optics. Using cutting-edge technology, Carl Zeiss lenses have been fitted in every pair of IVI Vision sunglasses. Each pair of sunglasses have been inspected and approved by Carl Zeiss technicians in Italy, making sure that every pair of our glasses are to the highest degree of quality.

Unique and Timeless Style

IVI’s designer and co-founder, Jacques Marie Mage, had a vision to create unique and interesting frames while maintaining a classic and timeless design. At IVI Vision, we establish ourselves as leaders in not only quality, but also style. Designed by Mage in his Hollywood studio, each pair of frames are created to provide long-lasting style to fit anyone’s taste.

Attention to Detail

Perfection stems from paying close attention to the details; IVI Vision designs premium glasses down to the very last hinge. The metal hinges for nose pads and arms on each pair of IVI Vision glasses are custom-made and handcrafted in a careful and deliberate process. Temple tips and rubber nose pads are also added as finishing touches to the frames—paying close attention to detail factors into our superior quality.

IVI is For You

Now that you know what makes us so special, let us show you just how special you are. Our frames are crafted to fit everyone—no matter what face shape or style you have, IVI has a unique selection of sunglasses fit for you. Find your new special pair of sunglasses today at IVI Vision.

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