Upgrade Your Active Lifestyle With IVI

Written by: Miranda Kanowsky | March 11, 2022

For those of us with an active lifestyle, it can be tough finding the right pair of sunglasses to support us through all kinds of adventuring. Not only do we want to avoid constant sun glare, but we want to look good while doing it. Here at IVI, we have the perfect sunglasses to help you feel and perform at your best whether it be for a hike, a run at the park, or even an outdoor sport!


Going for a quick jog or bike ride around the park? Blake is the frame for you! With physical activity comes the irritating task of having to constantly push your frames back up on your face with every move you make. Fortunately, these classic aviators come with adjustable nose pads, allowing you to customize to your personal needs anytime. With the round vintage design being inspired from classic looks from the ‘50s through the ‘80s, these frames will keep you looking your coolest. Blake’s sleek and shiny look will keep you feeling confident and comfortable for every outdoor activity.

Another option for aviators is Merc. These unisex sunglasses offer similar qualities to Blake, but come in a larger variety of colors for any outdoor occasion. Whether you feel like rocking pink, blue, chrome, or even green lenses, Merc has got you covered. These frames suit any style and will keep you looking at your best while you get your daily outdoor exercise.


If you love to take a nice hike with friends or a laid back stroll in nature, check out Standard. These timeless frames have a universal quality that adds a special touch to any active look. The seamless blend of casual and luxury qualities will help you look effortlessly sophisticated on your outdoor adventure. If you’re the kind of person who is always on the go, these frames will suit you anytime, anywhere. With built-in UV400 protection, Standard will make you feel safe and stylish. What could be better than that?

Another great option of sunglasses is Living. If your go-to outdoor activity is a sport such as golf, baseball, or basketball, these are the frames for you. These sunglasses allow any sports player to rock casual fashion with their own athletic touch. These retro frames come with a unique convenience factor, being that you can easily switch between modes with the flip-up feature. The durability of Living will keep you feeling comfortable and confident during any game, resulting in an improvement in both your performance and appearance.


If you have a thirst for adventure, Deano will suit you perfectly. These polarized frames pull inspiration from American pilots and motorcycle riders, which is perfect for a daredevil who has lots of sights to see. Deano frames have a great level of versatility, allowing you to feel comfort and coverage everywhere you go. They come in a variety of colors such as black, blue, bronze, and even purple! Whatever your preference, these boxy sunglasses will make you look bold and ready to face any outdoor journey.

If you live a fun active lifestyle, IVI has got the perfect luxury eyewear for any outdoor occasion. Whether it be for a hike, a walk at the beach, a sports game, or just a spontaneous adventure, we got you covered. With IVI frames, you will not only be protecting your eyes while you explore, but you will look great while doing it!

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