Why It’s Important to Protect Your Eyes

Written by: Jessica Lim | March 23, 2022

Health is wealth—taking care of your eyes is important to keeping them happy and healthy. Protecting your eyes from UV damage is especially important, as continued UV exposure can lead to a variety of eye conditions and diseases. Take care of yourself by shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays with our premium sunglasses.

Is UV Radiation Harmful?

The short answer is: yes. UV radiation from sunlight is prevalent in all of our lives, whether we are outdoors or indoors.

One of the most common sources of Ultraviolet (UV) light comes from the sun, with many different factors contributing to the amount of UV radiation that is absorbed by your body. Exposure to these UV rays can put you at risk from harmful eye diseases, such as corneal sunburn, eye irritation, cataracts, blindness, and even cancer. It is incredibly important to protect your eyes from UV radiation in order to decrease any risks of eye damage and long-term chronic illnesses.

Protect Your Eyes

Now that you know the dangers of prolonged UV exposure, you may be wondering how to best protect your eyes. The most effective way to protect your eyes is to wear sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection. Wearing 100% UV protected sunglasses will ensure that your eyes are shielded from damaging UV rays and reduce eye health risks.

Good news! All of our IVI lenses are built with 100% UV protection—made to keep your eyes safe and healthy. Each pair of IVI sunglasses are fitted with handcrafted Carl Zeiss lenses that add an extra level of quality and clarity. If you are curious about our different lenses, check out our Lens Simulator to see which pair of lenses fit your functional and style needs.

Blue Light Filtering Lenses

Our world is surrounded by screens, whether you’re working on a laptop, watching TV, or simply scrolling through your phone, we often spend hours a day staring at a screen. Did you know the blue light emitted from our electronics can seriously damage our eyes? Studies have shown common side effects of blue light are: blurry vision, eyestrain, macular degeneration, headaches, and cataracts.

There’s no need to panic—blue light filtering lenses have been shown to reduce these symptoms! IVI’s optical collection has a selection of frames fitted with special blue light filtering lenses.

Keep Your Eyes Safe!

It is crucial to protect your eyes from UV light in order to limit any health risks. Wear 100% UV-protected sunglasses and sunscreen with suitable SPF to protect yourself from harmful rays. Don’t forget to minimize damage from blue light with IVI’s blue light filtering lenses made to block out harsh blue light from electronic devices. Choose IVI to keep your eyes safe!

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