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Eyewear Choices Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Written by Kalysta Law Feeling stuck, uninspired, or lackluster? Take a break from your busy daily routine to look up your zodiac sign! Maybe you will find that your special place in the universe is already written in the stars. Where the stars and moon align—through a different lens of perspective—all the dots connect. Zodiac signs play a small part …

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Holiday Party Outfits Guide

Written by Arielle Faeldan | December 16, 2019 Holiday parties are in full swing! From work events to friends and family gatherings, you’re likely attending some cheerful event this season. We can’t wrap your gifts and we can’t pour you a glass of wine (although we wish we could), but we can provide help with ideas of what to wear …


Written by Tommy Vu | January 6, 2021 The eyewear industry has expanded a good deal in products, style, and range. Sometimes it may be confusing picking the perfect pair for you. It is important to understand how certain frame colors, glasses shapes, and sizes all have different impacts on complementing your facial structure.  If you are looking to find …

Tinted in Color

Written by Alison Moriarty | April 23, 2019 When it comes to a lense tint, having a wide variety of colors does have its positives. Understanding this concept, industries now have used this advantage to manufacture your perfect pair- which is a pretty big deal. The eyewear community has the ability to improve quality, comfortability, & style for their clients …