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IVI’s Thanksgiving Gift Guide

By: Faith Eusebio | November 1st, 2021 In the season of Thanksgiving, it is important to reflect on all of the people in our lives. We are all so grateful to have the love and support of our family and friends. What better way to show our appreciation for them this Holiday season than the gift of vision! While finding
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Feeling to Frame: Let Your Mood Choose Your Frame

By: Faith Eusebio | October 4th, 2021 What we wear can determine not only how we look, but also how we feel. Even when we are feeling less than confident, putting on a killer outfit with our favorite pair of IVI shades can turn our entire day around. We curated four frames that will elevate your look and your mood!
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Fashionable Fall Outfits for 2021

Written by: Candy Li | September 21, 2021 There is nothing better than sipping a cold drink, sunbathing at the beach, and enjoying the warm weather. But it is time to put away the tank tops and pull out your sweater because you want to look amazing on casual days and workdays, even in cold weather!  Even though it has
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2021 Sunglasses Trend For Summer Activities

Written by Jasleen Kaur | May 26, 2021 Summer is around the corner. It’s time to find some outdoor sunglasses for the new season as well as protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. We curated the top outdoor sunglasses for whatever planed you have this season. We got you covered for 2021 summer fashion trends. High
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Spot Eiza González Wearing IVI in the Godzilla vs Kong Movie

Have you seen the Godzilla vs Kong Movie yet? If not, be on the look out for IVI’s cameo in the film. IVI was granted the opportunity to be apart of Godzilla vs Kong. In the movie, a Godzilla vs Kong cast member was wearing a pair of IVI sunglasses—Eiza Gonzalez. Our aviator sunglasses with blue mirror lenses was the
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Eyewear Trends Over the Last Century

By Jasleen Kaur Eyewear trends have changed numerous times over the last century. The 20th century is when people first began to wear sunglasses as accessories. Before, they were seen as something meant only for those who were blind. Let’s explore the main trends through the history of eyewear these last few decades! 1920’s The most trendy sunglasses in the
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Written by Tommy Vu | January 6, 2021 The eyewear industry has expanded a good deal in products, style, and range. Sometimes it may be confusing picking the perfect pair for you. It is important to understand how certain frame colors, glasses shapes, and sizes all have different impacts on complementing your facial structure.  If you are looking to find
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The Ultimate Gift Guide 2020

Written by Tommy Vu | November 26, 2020 With the Christmas season coming up, the spirit of giving is high. Gifting is not just a reason to splurge on your favorites, but rather a perfect chance to show appreciation for your loved ones. The balance between practicality, personal preference, and versatility is definitely not easy to grasp. A perfect gift
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Outfit Ideas for Holiday Season 2020

By Jasleen Kaur | November 11, 2020 It’s finally the time of the year to bring out your stylish side. It’s the perfect time to add some layers to your comfortable looks to make them more fashionable. Combine staples from your closet with some new accessories to pull together a perfect look. Here are some holiday outfit ideas to wear
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Outfits That Will Make You Excited For Fall

By Kalysta Law | October 7, 2020 Whether or not we are ready, it is time to put away the tank tops and pull out the sweaters. While summer was all about showing off the beach-day tan and workout results, fall is when true fashion style shines. This is the time to make casual outfits slightly glamorous, and the season
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