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5 Tips to Help you Get Through the Quarantine

Written by Arielle Faeldan | August 14, 2020 As many of you know, the Coronavirus has run rampant throughout the U.S. hitting places like New Yorkextremely hard. We hope everyone is staying safe and adhering to the shelter-in-place guidelines in orderto help “flatten the curve.” In addition to this, we know that staying at home means routines are changingand some
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Eyeglasses 101—Understand Your Prescription and Eyeglasses

Written by Kalysta Law | September 14, 2020 Just came back from the eye doctor, with an eyeglasses prescription in hand, yet still confused about what everything means? Whatever the optician mentioned seemed like a foreign language? If all you know is that you can’t see and need some help from glasses, we’ve got you covered. Eyewear not only serves
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5 Habits To Instantly Upgrade Your Life

Written by Kalysa Law | August 28, 2020 Up·grade (verb, /ˈəpˌɡrād,ˌəpˈɡrād/). To raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve (equipment or machinery) by adding or replacing components. When the phone in your hands start responding slower and slower, you know it is time to upgrade to a new one; however, when our daily routines starts to get out
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A Simple Guide to Business Meeting Style

Written by Kalysta Law | August 17, 2020 To survive in the shark tank that is our society, not only do we have to be brilliant and quick on our toes, but we need to fight for the chance to be seen. On top of perfecting your professional skills and strengthening interpersonal connections, “dress to impress” is a no-brainer in
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How To Make a Strong and Lasting Impression

Written by Kalysta Law |August 10, 2020 While a rocky beginning does not dismiss the possibility of a great connection, there is no argument that a great first impression can get you very far. In every new encounter, it takes merely seconds for someone to form an initial opinion about the new people around them. A positive impression is based
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Outdoor Frames for 2021

Written by Jonathan Chavez | June 23, 2021 Summer 2021 is here! Which means it’s time to enjoy our favorite activities of the year. Don’t let social distancing and restrictions stop you from experiencing a memorable summer and building memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are looking to jump in the pool, surf at the beach, or enjoy
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Eyewear Choices Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Written by Kalysta Law Feeling stuck, uninspired, or lackluster? Take a break from your busy daily routine to look up your zodiac sign! Maybe you will find that your special place in the universe is already written in the stars. Where the stars and moon align—through a different lens of perspective—all the dots connect. Zodiac signs play a small part
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3 Productivity Tips for Busy Bees

Written by Arielle Faeldan | July 13, 2020 With various self-help books on the shelf, your second cup of lukewarm coffee in hand, and 300 emails in your inbox, I’m guessing that you consider yourself a very busy, and sometimes over-worked person. While all of us have the same 24 hours a day, how is it that some people seem
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8 Super Tips for Career Success

Written by Becky Lyn | July 10, 2020 Are you a recent graduate finally leaving the training wheels behind to enter into the professional industry? Or are you a go getter trying to get the most success out of your career? Securing the job is off the checklist, but your next concern would be how to succeed in your career.
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How a Simple Change in Eyewear Can Inspire a New Lifestyle

Written by Carlos Rosiles | June 24, 2020 A simple change in your life is what everybody wants. No one wants to stay in the same rut their whole life. What are you doing to change your lifestyle for the better? Perhaps having a simple change like eyewear can inspire you to see the world in a different view: maybe
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