aluminum, periodic table, logo


The most abundant material in the earth’s crust can also be found in our sculpted metal temples. Strong and lightweight, we hand-sculpt and brush aluminum for the perfect fit and style.

cellulose acetate, periodic table, logo


A bioplastic material derived from cotton fibers, cellulose acetates are warm and aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and strong, and easily manipulated into ornate designs. IVI acetates are sourced from premiere Italian manufacturer, Mazzuchelli, ensuring the gold standard in eyewear.

peek plastic, periodic table, logo


IVI’s exclusive thermoplastic demonstrates a commitment to quality. PEEK material allows for ultra-slim frame designs that have never before been seen in eyewear. Extremely lightweight and previously used in aerospace and the medical industries – PEEK is an IVI first.

nylon plastic, periodic table, logo


Nylon was the first purely synthetic fiber, introduced by DuPont Corporation at the 1939 World's Fair in New York City. An incredibly strong and also incredibly malleable material, Nylon Plastic allows the wearer to easily mold the temple tips of IVI glasses to a perfect fit.

hytrez rubber, periodic table, logo


Utilized in critical abrasion areas such as nose pads and temple tips, Hytrez offers both an increased level of comfort while also providing an improved grip. IVI glasses stay comfortable and fit better over long periods of wear.

silver nickel, periodic table, logo


A copper alloy named for it’s silver appearance, Nickel Silver contains a mixture of copper, nickel and zinc. Nickel Silver is a durable metal, preferred for its corrosion and electrical resistance.