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IVI’s Fall 2022 Picks

Written by: Miranda Kanowsky | September 25, 2022 Autumn has just begun which means it’s time to revisit our coats and jackets that have been sitting in the back of our closets for months. Fall is a wonderful season full of yummy candy, spooky events, and lots of pumpkin-themed everything to go around! With a whole new wardrobe coming back
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Sunglasses Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Written by Miranda Kanowsky | August 22, 2022 Trends. They come and they go, but overtime we have come to realize that trends are cyclical. With the rising love of nostalgia, even for times we may have not experienced ourselves, certain looks always come back with new generations. This has become extremely prominent through the rise of social media with
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A Brief History of Sunglasses

Written by Miranda Kanowsky | July 30, 2022 Sunglasses are not only a great accessory, but a crucial tool to help protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. But how did this creation of sunglasses come to exist? And how did it become a staple for both fashion and convenience? In prehistoric times, the Inuit peoples wore walrus ivory shades
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Perfect Frames for Your Summer 2022

Written by Miranda Kanowsky | May 10, 2022 Summer time is quickly approaching which means more sun and more of a need to protect your eyes! IVI’s got the perfect shades for you to rock for all your favorite outdoor summer season activities. Here are some classic IVI picks to help enhance your confidence and fashion style this summer, while
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Outfit Ideas for Holiday Season 2020

By Jasleen Kaur | November 11, 2020 It’s finally the time of the year to bring out your stylish side. It’s the perfect time to add some layers to your comfortable looks to make them more fashionable. Combine staples from your closet with some new accessories to pull together a perfect look. Here are some holiday outfit ideas to wear
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Eyeglasses 101—Understand Your Prescription and Eyeglasses

Written by Kalysta Law | September 14, 2020 Just came back from the eye doctor, with an eyeglasses prescription in hand, yet still confused about what everything means? Whatever the optician mentioned seemed like a foreign language? If all you know is that you can’t see and need some help from glasses, we’ve got you covered. Eyewear not only serves
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4 Tips for new shoppers to consider

Written by Arielle Faeldan | March 6, 2020 Knowing how to shop for sunglasses is essential if you are trying to own a certain look and add a nice touch to fit your appearance. Here are 4 factors to consider when shopping. 1.) Face shape Choose glasses that will complement your face shape and bring out your natural features. Round
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Think Twice About Buying Cheap Sunglasses

Written by Melvin Bishop | October 21, 2019 Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you someone who enjoys outdoor activities like walking your dog or hiking? It’s important to consider wearing protective eyewear whenever taking part in these activities. Too much exposure from the sun can cause skin aging. Poor diet and long term exposure can even lead to diabetic
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UV Rays and Your Eyes

Written by Arielle Faeldan | August 16, 2019 As the saying goes, eyes are the window to the soul. That being said, optimal eye health is paramount. Vision is one of -if not- the most important of the five senses. It doesn’t take much to damage your vision, but healthy eyes can be achieved by ensuring you are doing your
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Tinted in Color

Written by Alison Moriarty | April 23, 2019 When it comes to a lense tint, having a wide variety of colors does have its positives. Understanding this concept, industries now have used this advantage to manufacture your perfect pair- which is a pretty big deal. The eyewear community has the ability to improve quality, comfortability, & style for their clients
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