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Tips For Being Successful On Social Media

Written by Miranda Kanowsky | June 27, 2022 In today’s world, social media is one of the primary ways we connect with one another. Not only do we love to share what we do with our day through a post or story, but we also want to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible to catch people’s attention. We
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Perfect Frames for Your Summer 2022

Written by Miranda Kanowsky | May 10, 2022 Summer time is quickly approaching which means more sun and more of a need to protect your eyes! IVI’s got the perfect shades for you to rock for all your favorite outdoor summer season activities. Here are some classic IVI picks to help enhance your confidence and fashion style this summer, while
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Outfit Ideas for Holiday Season 2020

By Jasleen Kaur | November 11, 2020 It’s finally the time of the year to bring out your stylish side. It’s the perfect time to add some layers to your comfortable looks to make them more fashionable. Combine staples from your closet with some new accessories to pull together a perfect look. Here are some holiday outfit ideas to wear
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Is Your Style in Need of an Upgrade?

written by Arielle Faeldan | February 10, 2020 When was the last time you gave your closet a good look? Ask yourself: Do your clothes still reflect your personality? Do they still fit well on you? Or more importantly, do you still have the desire to wear them? If you found yourself saying no to these questions, perhaps it’s time
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Date & Ensemble Ideas To Consider This Valentines Day

Written by Arielle Faeldan | February 7, 2020 Valentine’s day is one of the most romantic holidays. It’s a day of celebrating love and happiness. To make it memorable, it sometimes requires a little bit of planning. It could get stressful finding the perfect gift and planning the perfect date, so we composed a guide to make your life easier.
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Look Good & Feel Great

Written by Melvin Bishhop | November 4, 2019, edited by Faith Eusebio | June 23, 2021 For decades, professional psychologists have studied the relationship between looking good and feeling great. A few studies determined that a person’s self-confidence, self-efficiency, and overall happiness can be highly affected by their appearance. Grow your self-confidence with IVI’s luxury sunglasses. Social Psychological and Personality Science studies have shown
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Written by Arielle Faeldan | August 1, 2019 Summer is in full swing. The sun shines bright and warms the skin. The smell of kettle popcorn is in the air and the laughter is everywhere. This is what your summer should look like and you can only find this in one place, The Orange County Fair! If you want to
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